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    APB HWID SPOOFER question

    I read the pinned APB HWID Spoofer thread and still have another question. I understand that you run the game and it will automatically spoof your hwid. Does this spoof my hwid forever now or does it only spoof as long as I keep injecting the cheats into the game?

    I have no interest in using anything else except the HWID Spoofer and would like to know if I need to inject the cheats everytime in order for it to be spoofed.
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    It's just for APB as long as you inject the cheat before you start the game.
    Spoofer lasts until you close the game and if you want to spoof it again you have to inject it before you start the game.
    To change the spoofer info, open APB-SystemBot-Default.cfg which is located at the same folder as the loader.
    And remove this:
    [HWID Spoofer]
    HWID Spoofing Key=XXXXX
    However, the hwid spoofer won't work if you inject it while the game is already running.

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