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Thread: Unbann please

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    Exclamation Unbann please

    hello when i run the cheat it says you are banned permanently i know what i did im reaally sorry i wasted my money to buy your cheat, please unbann me i will never do chargeback again please !!! im really sorry what i did i bought it for 1 month now ill buy it more and more if you let me play please sorry !!

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    Please read our Terms of Service (

    We reserve the right to deactivate or delete an account at any time for the following reasons:

    • Sharing an account with another computer or user. If an account is shared between multiple computers and these computers are not regarded as replacement or upgrades by a SystemCheats staff member.
    • Chargeback or dispute. If you open a dispute or do a chargeback through any of our payment services.
    • Misuse of an account. If it is deemed that you have tampered with our software or have tried to use it for purposes of which it was not intended.
    • Abuse of misconduct. If you are abusive or do not conduct yourself as we deem appropriate.
    • Breaking our forum rules. By accessing our forum you automatically accept to follow our forum rules. If you do not agree with these rules please do not use our forum in any way.
    • Working for an opposite entity. if you work for an anti-cheat company, or an entity that works against SystemCheats in any way.

    We have the right to deny access to our websites and products by blocking your account, computer and network at any time.
    You are not going to get unbanned, since your a thief. Doing a chargeback on an intangible good/subscription is simply stealing. You are not welcome here.

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