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    Never written a feedback thread until now.

    Just to introduce myself. I'm exile88, I bought my first cheat in 2009. Ever since then I have been in multiple and countless cheating sites. From ones that are still around and from others that have shutdown - died. I'm not much of a feedback or review guy. I just have the mentality of if somethings good why not just continue supporting it instead of writing a review that drowns into countless threads that not everyone will be able to get their eyes on it.

    Something definitely changed in me because I've always been a lurker that didn't care for handouts or writing reviews to get something out of it. Never really contributed to any forums. I just paid for things that I love and I felt that was enough. But I must say ever since I joined this site, its been a joy to see its growth, the amount of cheats that are supported and seeing the success of SystemCheats. It is by far the best hack site I've ever been apart of and i can tell you I've been a part of many.

    SystemCheats truly cares about your account. They truly hate when you lose it from a ban and that's why they have the best detection rate in the industry. Yes bans happen, but it happens far less with SystemCheats and even if a banwave happens, SystemCheats are #1 at making sure the cheat is safe again before they release the hack again. I have not seen a cheating scene that truly cares for keeping your accounts safe from bans. Other providers rush out with a new build just for it to be detected a week later. SystemCheats would never do that to its customers. I have nothing but respect for them in that regard, even if it takes time.

    I just want to say Thank you to all of SystemCheats Staff for all the work that you do, It's been a joy being your customer and I hope I can continue to be your customer for years to come. Your products give me the most amount of fun, I wouldn't be able to enjoy gaming without it.

    Anyone looking to buy cheats... This will definitely become your home.

    Thank you to whoever bothered to read this.

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    @exile88 Having such a heartwarming review from an OG customer is always a pleasure
    As an appreciation for through the years, I'm more than happy to extend you for a whole month

    Thank you very much
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    Thank you for your review. Very much appreciated!
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