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    Premium Package/Warzone Review

    My Experience

    First of all I would like to compliment the developers. There were times at the beginning of the Warzone realease when the very frequent updates led to endless downtimes and it annoyed me, but looking back there is not much you can do. I also kept coming back because I just had good experiences and then why change?


    There is everything you need. Even more. You can raid, you can play discreetly, and you can even activate a Legit mode to not see enemies you couldn't have seen. As for the numerous features, check out the descriptions, I can only say that they are absolutely enough for me.
    However, there is one thing and that is the only thing I could criticize, and that is not being streamproof. That would be a really desirable feature but I can live without it.


    I've been using the cheat since the release of Warzone and I've never been shadowbanned or anything. Quite the opposite. I don't use VPNs, HWID spoofer or anything else and my account is fine.
    Anyone can be banned if they use the cheat, BUT that is then only their own fault for revealing to opponents that you are OBVIOUSLY cheating.
    Security holes from the program I have not yet and never experienced.


    I can only recommend this cheat. All experiences I have made with it were quite positive, and know through other providers for other games that this can be quite different. Updates were consistently pulled through, all new Call of Duty parts short time/directly at release published and all this in one package. All this for a VERY fair price and even with regular discount promotions. High praise and many thanks.

    Link Trustpilot Review:
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    Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

    I've said it countless times that I don't want to promote a streamproof cheat. It's not something we'd like to stand for, streamproof cheat will always lead the negativity just because the end user will end up being busted one way or another.
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