Thoughts So Far

So I've been using the BF5 hack for the last 24 hours and it's pretty solid. The fact there is no silent aim means you need to be careful but outside of that - it's a great addition without being so obvious God himself comes down to smite you. I've also tried Cold War and although it wasn't as fantastic as I was expecting, that is less the cheat and more so the fact cold war is just terrible. The main reason I bought premium was in hopes that the Warzone cheat [which I'll try later on] was as good as another cheat I used recently. However, the main reason I bought it was because I wanted a valuable aimbot for BF4 as there is currently only one that functions on the market right now. With Battlefield 1 dying and those players returning to 4, I was hoping SystemCheats had a good aimbot for it but as of right now they do not. A serious disappointment. However, if you're looking for BF5, Killing Floor 2, and CoD, SystemCheats has you covered. I'll update this thread if the admins keep it open once I compare Warzone with the hack I've used in the past.

Information Expansion

It would be nice for rejections to be explained. For example, the BF4 Aimbot suggestion was shot down but no clear answer as to why. I now know it was because the cheat is SystemRadar and not SystemBot but I can't rightfully buy premium for my friends if we can't even play our favorite game together. Having a little dash [-] explaining why something was rejected would make browsing the forums a lot easier. This applies to all games, not just Battlefield 4. If I missed anything or anything popped out to you please feel free to correct or add.


I think SystemCheats is one of the best providers right now but could beat Battlelog with their eyes closed if they expanded on some of the hacks themselves. Perhaps investing in a HWID Spoofer of their very own built by their own team to compete with Battlelogs. Hopefully bringing up other sites isn't a problem as I'm not staff, I'm simply speaking my mind. I'll write a proper review for the cheats I find to be much better than the competitors.


Battlefield 4 is actually growing because no one is happy with BF5 right now. Capitalize! Kick **********s the fuck outta here!