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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Honest Review COD MW2019

    First of all, i have been using this mulple times before, everyone is always concerned about security of it, for the time i have used it was always undetected, and thats a big plus, updates roll out quit fast aswell, after COD makes a big update. Overlay and software itself doesnt seem to have impact on performance, atleast i havent seen any.

    AIMBOT - Myself i dont have any complaints about it, its working as it should, its not accurate in long range tho, and sometimes when you lock onto a person can be a lil bit off, but just lock once again and its fine.Can be set up to aim at vehicles aswell, It has a lot of features where you can adjust to your playstyle from being legit to rage. I cant compare with any other provider aimbots, but i will rate this 9/10.

    TRIGGERBOT - I have tried to use it couple of times, its working as intended, but i dont see a point to use triggerbot in COD, maybe if you play hardcore mode where it takes 1-2 bullet to kill a person. Overall as i said its working as it should, has loads of options to make it legit or not, but many wont find it necessary to use it 10/10.

    ESP(3D) - Has loads of options aswell, big plus for newbies who wanna stay as legit as possible there is function to disable INVISIBLE people, so they dont get caught, i personally use it to full potential as i have been cheating for a long time and i know how to play with it, to not get caught. It has in-built item ESP aswell, which helps a lot in warzone mode. It has loads of options and everyone can adjust it to everyones liking, havent seen any glitches or bugs with ESP tho, so i will rate this 10/10.

    Radar(2D) - I dont use this personally as i do not see any use for it, but many can find it very usefull, can combine LEGIT ESP with 2D radar where it shows invisable people and get a boost from there. Its fully customizable aswell, works as it should 10/10

    WARNING SYSTEM - Cannot tell a lot about it, i dont like to use it personally as it makes too much noise, unless need to play a bit more with settings, but i know some people like it, i wont rate this function tho.

    MISC - Can enable crosshair for hardcore modes, enable FPS counter and so on, but myself has everything disabled to make UI clean, this doesnt need any rate, plus it has COLORS option where you can adjust esp and so on colors to your liking.

    All in all, its a really good product i dont even see how they could improve it, only thing i can note that aimbot is off at long distances, but it doesnt mean you cannot make that shot yourself manually. Overall i would rate this 9/10, leaving 1 off to improve somewhere.

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    Thanks for the amazing review!
    My personal guide on how to not get banned on COD:

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    Thank you for the review! Added 2 days to your sub. If you would like to get Another 3 days consider posting a review on Trustpilot.

    Have fun!

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