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    Call of Duty: Cold War - Review

    Hey everyone!

    Here is my Review for Call of Duty: Cold War

    First of all for all new User:
    Call of Duty: Cold War isn't an single Product - its included in the Premium Package.
    I bought the Premium Package with PayPal through our reseller @Void - so if you wish to buy it with PayPal (because its not a Paymentmethod in the Store) - try it here: Void - PayPal | DISCORD | Cheaper prices! *FAST SERVICE* and get your access in less than 5-10 Minutes!

    Loader (10/10)

    Simple Loader without Trashthings like long "Loading-Animations" or Music/ Sounds.
    It shows News, your Cheats, Status of a Cheat and your Subscriptiontype + Time.

    On the private Forums are alot of How-To-Use Guides in different Languages for the Loader.
    Still any issues? The Staff-Team will help you. ;-)

    Aimbot (10/10)

    Works perfect for me (Close and Range-Combat)
    - a lot of Setting options
    - very good prediction settings - become a Aimgod!

    ESP (10/10)

    Smooth and works as intended.
    - Player, Explosive & Projectile ESP are your best friends in Multiplayer.
    - You can turn off "Show Invisible" for a lil' bit more Legit-Play.

    Warning (10/10)

    Warning-System is a cool feature and it saved my ass more than 100 times.

    My last words
    I never had an issue with the Loader or with the cheats Ingame.
    No Laggs, Bluescreens, DC's owhatever.

    My FPS with all ESP-Features: 100+

    New User want to become a Customer? do it! its worth!

    Sorry for my bad English

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    Omg! Thank you for your lovely review!
    Check this thread, for such amazing reviews you can get extra reward!!

    Buy subscription via Paypal for cheaper price!
    Answer in up to 2 minutes!
    Click Here for price list

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    Thanks for the review buddy.
    I have added 2 days into your subscription.
    If you want extra 3 days, make a review on trustpilot, paste the link, and reply back.


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