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    Honest Review on the MW Cheat

    Alright, let me give you an honest review with no biased answers.

    Aimbot - In my personal opinion, and generally just being honest, the aimbot isn't all that good. I can see how it may be useful for those who want to "legit" cheat, but even when attempting to-do so, the aimbot hardly works. The prediction is terrible, the lock on barely works, and the recoil control when it comes to aimbotting happens to always mess up. Overall rating for the aimbot, I'd give it a 4/10

    ESP - The visuals in my opinion are somewhat decent, they look nice, just a slight issue is the minor FPS decrease when it comes to it, and that's as simple as it is. 6/10

    Menu - The menu is packed with options, and that's what makes it so bad. It isn't user friendly at all due' to the multiple options there are, and new cheaters will most likely get confused with what does what. I also think there's too many options that could just be put into one simple option, such as the settings in ESP, I have no idea why there are multiple selections for different Items, why couldn't you have simply made 1 option called "Item ESP" for all the items. Also too many options for the Aimbot, why have multiple prediction settings, when once again it could all be packed into one setting nicknamed "Prediction" I really do recommend that they re-make the menu to be more user friendly. 3/10

    My overall rating for the cheat is a 5/10

    Quick Update 5/27/2020: The Aimbot has improved in close to medium range situations, I can see that the prediction is improving, not sure if there are updates for this cause but if there aren't, I'm guessing the day I was rating this was just a bad day for the function. New Aimbot Rating: 6/10
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    Thanks for your time to make a review.
    Happy cheating!

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