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    Just bought APB hacks for 1 months for 180 SEK when it said 90 SEK "problem"

    I just bought the APB hack with my phone and after confirming the purchase I and sent you my money I got the PIN but said it was incorrect.. gg sending me a non working code :O?

    Also on the page it says 90 SEK but on the SMS i said 180 SEK so i though well why not they deserve the money but then I get this non working code for it :/

    This is my third time trying to use your payment methods as it takes my money, can you ensure me this is not a fake site :s?
    This is also the only site that has ever done this by the way.

    Here is another picture of proof that the payment went through,

    Tell me if you need more I really wan't that hack now..

    EDIT: wow I wrote Z instead of X, let me try again.

    Thank god it worked <3


    thx for now
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    Ok... problem solved I guess..

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