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    Question about GTA V (MP's)

    Hello there, i'm new to this site.
    Before i consider buying something - i need to ask a question.
    I've seen that the GTA V cheat, offered on this site, supports FiveM and RageMP.
    My Question now : Does it support Alt: V too?

    A lot of private servers switched to Alt: V lately or are about to make the jump.
    Alt: V has better performance and less desync problems. (And some other stuff)
    Over on Reddit and Unkown people argued about cheating on Alt: V and some said it's basically the same as RageMP and FiveM.
    "Everything that works on RageMP will work on Alt: V too"
    Of course, i just can't take this as a fact, especially not if we are talking about a paid hack from another website. (This website here)

    I'd like you to help me out with that question, if possible.
    Thank you.

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    We are not supporting ALT: V so if it will work that's because it's the same as FiveM.

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