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Thread: I'm stupid.

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    I'm stupid.

    I have everything correct and updated, directx, c ++, and everything necessary, I also deactivated the UAC and restarted my computer.
    When I start the hack it's all normal, it asks me to start the process of dauntless.exe, then I start dauntless with administrator permissions and I get an error that could not be logged in to my epic games account (it does not leave me enter the game) that only happens when I run the game in this mode, when I start the game as it would normally go, but of course for the hack to work it has to be done with administrator.
    Help me please
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    Why you are posting with big font size, it's not needed.
    You are not a customer.
    How exactly are you using the cheats?

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    Are you sure you're at the right place?

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