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    The Division 2 - 3D Rader Question


    I heard "The Division 2" is protected by "EAC" - honestly I do not know what that exactly means, maybe what I will ask now is not possible because of it. If I am sorry for wasting your time.

    In "The Division 1" we have this function on the 3D Radar to see when there are crates or backbags for electronics and all that stuff, in "The Division 2" there are tons of these too.
    My only question is, if a complete Cheat with Aimbot and all is not possible for the game or endlessly amount of work. Is it like possible or easier only to get this one single 3D Radar function to see the Backbags and crates?

    I am sorry if this question is unnecessary or impossible, I have no idea how all that stuff works.

    Thank you

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    EAC its Easy Anti Cheat, If we would have The Division 2 cheat it will probably include the same features as The Division 1, stay tuned for more information.

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