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Thread: Help! Ban

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    Hazard Ops Help! Ban

    I don't share my account, i got a problem and a friend helped me to solve it but now its banned. I dont know what he did with my account or that settings im angry on him and hes not longer my friend cause of that situation! I payed much money for this game please unlock it cause i want to play it longer or maybe reset my password and let me change it. I swear ill never let me help from a friend ill connect to forum and try to solve it alone or write a ticket. pm pls

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    I love how every time you pm or post something It's a new story
    Your account is banned only for a week. your "friends" accounts on the other hand are permanently banned from our loader.
    I don't care about your story. I can see you lie to us.
    Read this please:

    If you continue making posts about it or pming my staff, you will be permanently banned.
    Consider this as your last warning.

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