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    New to site have a few questions

    Hi im new to the site im about to buy call of duty remastered cheats but have some worries

    So what are the risk of getting banned by steam/IW??

    anything i should do to be safer when using the cheats

    as stated im a bit of a noob and all i see on steam forums is people who talk about bans so just wanna be sure how safe using this actually is or if the risk of getting banned is high when otehr players sure will report anyone they see with cheating behavior

    i hope this is the right place to ask if not im sry

    Cheers all

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    The safety of a cheat is our highest priority. This doesn't mean that our cheat is undetectable, but we do everything in order to avoid a detection and keep it up-to-date.
    Keep in mind there is always a risk to get banned. It's unpredictable.
    Remastered doesn't have a 3rd party anti-cheat like VAC. Everything they do is internally same as in Infinite Warfare at the time of making this post. However, there is always a possibility it will be updated later on and if it does, we will make sure to support any kind of anti-cheat they will throw at us.
    Nevertheless, you can decrease the risk of getting manually banned tremendously, by playing with legit settings.
    If you rage, the risk of getting manually banned sooner or later is pretty high.

    Edit: The question has been answered. If you have any more questions or need support, don't hesitate to open a new thread or simply join us on Teamspeak.

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