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    GTA 5/Online features


    There are many hacks out there for GTA 5/Online, but there are also many that are incomplete, incompatible with certain platforms or are lacking some features.
    For example, I have encountered hacks that have ESP, radar, but not aimbot. And then I encountered those that have both, but do not have ability to aim at players in vehicles.

    Before I purchase the hack, I would like to know the following that I haven't seen in demonstration videos:
    Does it have controller support?
    Can it aim at players both in and out of vehicles?
    Are there any permanent feature key bindings to be aware of?
    Is hack external or internal? (not sure if these are right words. stream proof in other words)

    Thank you!

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    No, no controller support. Yes, aimbot work for people in vehicle and on ground. I'm not sure what you mean. Our cheat is internal and visible on stream.

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