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Thread: Black Desert

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    Black Desert

    why ? BDO is know as AFK = profit cause u can AFK fishing 24/7 and no BAN

    cheat feature for example Fishing bot ( AFK profit about 4 KK Silver in 5 hours, with bot it can be 30KK Silver 5 hours. )
    BDO is most popular Korea Game so a lot of ASIA customers and EU NA too

    Game Name: BDO - Black Desert Online
    Official Website:
    Game Engine: ???
    Game Genre: MMORPG
    Anti-Cheat: GaneGuard
    Game Versions : EU/NA - PayToPlay , CN - Free

    Cheat can be for example FISHING bot no need bypass anything simple if u see fish catched icon u press SPACE if u see Blue bar u press space if u see ASSSA pres ASSSA , if u dont see fish for 10 min press I and RIGHT click on Fishing rod

    simple can be done by checking screen there is cheat like it but it cost 3 for 1 day so expensive if u want it for 30 days
    CPU: i7 - 6700HQ
    GPU: GTX 960m 4GB
    RAM: 16 GB DDR4
    OS: Windows 10 64bit Anniversary

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    Sorry but we do not make cheats for MMORPG's.

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