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    Paladins & Win 7

    1. When i played "ARK: Survival Evolved" i was needed to use win 7 with all updates for using Aim, but i have 1 of my computers with pirate win 7 (it does not have the latest updates), so i could not use Aim on it
    What about Paladins? Am i still need win 7 with all updates or i can use Aim without them?
    2. If i'll buy Aim for Paladins & will not be able to use it on my №1 comp, can i try to use it on another one?
    Thank U.

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    Our cheat MUST be used on original windows and of course, fully updated regardless of which cheat you're planning to use.

    You need to request for a reset if you're using the loader elsewhere and wait for any moderator to check if you qualify. If your reset gets denied for whatever reason, you'll have to purchase a separate HWID Reset which is $3.95.

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    You can have a pirated Windows, but as long as it's not heavily modified or a preview build.
    And no, not fully all the updates. This is the one you need to have installed:
    If you are able to install this update, you will be able to run all of our cheats.

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