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    Question How to pay with PayPal

    Because Paymentwall doesn't really work here so well and the payment with Bitcoins is not so easy , paypal gets more and more important on this website. Even if you have a credit card you need to use Paypal in order to pay.
    I see it very often happen, that people seem to dislike Paypal or try to avoid it. But there is not really any reason why, because Paypal is a very easy, userfriendly payment method and it also provides a high level of safety.

    In this post I am going to explain how to pay with Paypal:
    1.) Make your Paypal account
    2.) Now you need to add either a bank account or a creditcard / debitcard (because there Paypal takes the money from).
    3.) That's it.

    • If you have to pay something, lets say a cheat from systemcheats, you choose Paypal as your payment method.

    • The paypal page will appear and you need to log in.

    • Paypal will show you which product you have chosen for the payment and the price of it.

    • Now you just need to confirm, that you want to pay for the product (buy clicking on the pay button)

    • Now the payment is completed.

    According to my personal experience I can tell you (inofficially) that the money arrives nearly instantly (within a few seconds) at the reciever. The official statement of the Paypal company is that it can take up to an hour, but don't worry about that, Either way, the money always arrives secure, or if not (if there are problems with the reciever) it is transferred back to you automatically.

    Here are 2 easy solutions for people who don't have a bank account or a debit/credit card, which they can add to the Paypal account:
    1.) Buy a prepaid debit/credit card. There you just go to a store which sells cards like that, buy the card and put as much money on it as you want. Then you just need to activate the card online and you can use it for paying (or in this case adding to your Paypal account). Simply look it up in the internet if cards like that exist in your country and look where a store next to your place is located. Just make sure that you have your ID card with you, because you might need to show it.

    I don't know how old you need to be for such a card in every country of the world (but I think in some countries you don't need to be 18 years old).
    Simply find it out by yourself by searching in the internet for "prepaid credit card" and the preconditions which are needed in order to be allowed to buy such a card (in some countries you can buy such a card fom the age of 7 years, but your parents need to agree/in other countries you can buy such a card with the age of 16 without your parents' agreement). In case you aren't old enough in order to be allowed to buy such a card I will point out several options you have and I will give you many hints:

    1.) Convince your parents to buy the card for you (just say paying buy card is safer and in contrast to cash the thief can't really steal money because it is password protected, you can block the card in case it is stolen , and blablabla ...).

    2.) If your want to buy such a card without your parents agreement (because you weren't able to convince them) just find another person who is old enough and can buy it for you (your friends, your friends's siblings, or ask any people who are close to such a shop randomly if they could buy you such a card [of course you need to give them the money for it]. Petrol stations/shopping malls which offers those prepaid credit cards are a good example, because there is a high frequence of customers. And I am absolutely sure that it is not so difficult to convince anyone to buy you such a card, because it sounds basically very harmless and there is absolutely no risk for the person who buys the card for your, since it is a PREPAID CARD (tell them a story that you want to buy a present for your parents online and it should be a suprise so they can't pay for it, blablablablabla...).

    3.) Order such a prepaid credit card online. All providers I know want you to be 18 but it is more easy to bypass this problem.
    In the following I am going to explai you how to order such a card online and how to deal with the age issue. For this explanation I am going to choose the prepaid provider "VIABUY", because I think it is the most simple prepaid credit card provider. As far as I know you can put money on your card by using Paysafecrd, SMS and of course by normal bank transfers and other credit/debit cards (Please check this, I am not 100 % sure about this and I don't give any guarantee about that!.

    Here I will illustrate how to order such a card:

    • When you have choosen your card you get to a page where you are asked for your contact details. It looks like that:
      Warning: Use your own personal mobilephone number. The information about the address needs to be the one where you live or of a friends house, because they will send the card there. The information about the name, birthday needs to be the same with the ID card/ drivers licence, ... you will be able to organize.

    • Now you come to a page, where you are asked to enter a verification code. They will send you the code by SMS on your mobike phone (therefore the phonenumber must be correct!!!!!)

    • Finally you are on this page:
      They ask you to choose if you want to confirm your ID, by your national ID card, drivers licence, residence card or passport (that's not so difficult. If you entered the personal details of your parents, just ask them if you could have a look at their ID/passport, because you are interested of it and make a picture of the frontside and backside of the card than). Furthermore they will ask you for a proof of address, which is not a problem if the address where you want the card to be sent is the same as the one of your ID card.

    • The next page will give you the possibility to upload the pictures of your ID card, residentce card, passport.
      If the card should be sent to the address of the ID card you get to the following page and just need to upload 2 pictures (the front and backside of your passport):
      If the card should be sent to an address, which is not on your ID, you will have to upload the picture of front page of your passport and proof of your actual residency (like a bill from gas, water, electricity[which is not older than 3 month]) OR the concession of the vehical you have there OR a residence card.

    • You submit that and after a while you will get a feedback if they allow it or if they need further information (e.g. if you did a mistake).

    Of course you can also just ask friends, siblings, parents, etc.... who already have a bank account or a debit/credit card to do the payment, but I want to illustrate a solution for people who do not have such a possibility (or don't want anybody to know that they buy cheats).

    I hope this helps a few people.
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    Thank you for your post and great explanation!

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    Yes, I really hope it helps many people. I described the way how to get a prepaid debit/ credit card very detailed and I also gave some hints how to bypass the age limit, because I am absolutely convinced that many of our community members or people who want to become a member of our community are not 18 yet and they are facing problems with online payenmts, which afford a bank account or a (usual) debit/credit card. The paymentwall was really a very good alternative, since anybody could ad founds not only by a bank account or debit/credit card but also by a paysafecard which you can buy easily anywhere (for example at a petrol station or somewhere else) and the age doesn't really matter.
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