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Thread: Mobile Paymentwall for CF!

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    CF Mobile Paymentwall for CF!

    I have one question...Mobile PaymentWall works for all Cheats but not for Crossfire NA, EU, RU and BR. Why? I havent Paypal but would buy a CF EU Cheat! Or when there will be PSC again?
    A answer would be awsome!
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    Please don't double post and post english stuff on the german section.

    I'm not too sure why the PaymentWall is disabled for CF cheat so we'll have to wait for the admin/smod to confirm this. PSC is currently unavailable and there's no estimated time on when it'll be back.


    I've just confirmed with the admin, the paymentwall issue is intended. There's still no estimated time on when it will return just like for PSC sadly.
    I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
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