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Thread: All games supported should have all features, thatīs for sure

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    All games supported should have all features, thatīs for sure

    At this juncture we have old games in which you still may have a good time playing but at the same time those same games being old ones there are a lot of hackers and cheaters and they wonīt get banned or kicked no matter how blatant they are, those same games have a small player base and is not easy to just leave that lobby and get on another one, the games in which system cheats offers all of the features such as aimbot is easier to make other cheaters/hackers rage quit, on the other hand if the lobby is cheater free you can adjust the slow aim to make it look legit, at least in my case i play with a controller and games like black ops 2 that does not have aim assist is just impossible to get a lock on a target, however my recap on BO3 bans IS ****ING 0, iīve benn banned on that same game up to 8 times using another cheats from other sites, that is proof of how secure and trusted systemfiles coding is, just a ****ing beast at what he does, so please iīm just suggesting that comming titles just have all of the features and not only radar, thanks.

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    I completely understand what do you mean, but some games should just stay as SystemRadar.
    On the other hand, some games would probably detected us pretty fast if we offer those features you mention, so that's pretty much why we don't do all cheats for all games with same features.

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