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Thread: F2P Games

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    F2P Games

    It's been a while. I had a grand time riding Soldier Front 2 into the ground a while back. I'm eyeballing the F2P package again.

    I want to know which F2P games use IP or HWID bans and which ones don't. Which ones allow me to easily evade bans if I decide to go on a rampage with the aimbot? Particularly Blacklight and Dirty Bomb.

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    You wont really have a problem with any of the F2P games, I have personally never gotten a IP ban or HWID ban from a F2P game. If anything a VPN is your friend if you don't want to expose your real ip to those games.

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    F2P Games

    Many games are known for IP tracking on a day to day basis however since dynamic IPs are here they usually are not very effective. HWID is getting done in APB: Reloaded, we however made sure that our HWID spoofer is running when using the cheat. We have heard rumors about HWID bans in CF and ZMR but we never really confirmed.

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