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    Dead by Daylight

    Haven't seen much discussion on it lately. I was banned from it couple months ago.

    I'd like individual's who have used it in the past month to tell me their experience with it.

    So... how's the cheat working for you?

    Additionally, if I've learned anything from purchasing hacks, it's that each site is different. I always get an error that takes some digging to figure out. Is there a page that shows the process of setting up a cheat? I'd like to see this process. I heard disabling UAC is one thing, which is similar with all other sites, but not required. Where's this page? Thanks for your patience.

    12 Hours and no discussion. I guess that answers my question.
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    You get access to the loader guide once you are a customer that explains everything, its basically download the loader and run it as admin, as well as whatever game you are trying to play, load the cheat, and launch your game.

    You can at least see when the cheat was last updated on this page.

    As far as users reviews, you can find those here

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    The cheat is working. It is not required to disable UAC. We highly advise you to since otherwise you have to run the loader and Steam as administrator manually each time.

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