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    Battlefield 4 BF4 Chances of getting banned?

    Hey guys, considering getting the BF4 Cheat, Is it still undetected? Also, what are the chances of being banned for injecting it? I plan on only really using the Wall Hack, as i'm un-sure what Anti-Cheat They are running, and know that if it's FairFight it's high risk to use the Aimbot.

    I also know that if it's Battle-Eye that's really good at picking up the cheat it's self? I think? -- I haven't had much experience with cheating on a BE supported game, and again unsure what BF4 is running.

    When was the last known/recorded Ban for BF4?

    Thanks in advance guys! Keep up the good work.

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    Hello Cjp1991,
    I've used the cheat myself for quite a while, and i haven't got banned.
    The chances of they detecting it by injecting the cheat are pretty slim but there is always a chance.
    Our cheat doesn't have Aimbot it's not really safe to use it since you can get easily banned by FairFight, they check your stats and if you hit the same spot in an incredibly non-possible way you will get banned instantly. (Check all features Here)
    BF4 uses PunkBuster and FairFight they take screenshots of your in-game screen to see if your using wallhacks or anything sketchy, our cheats turn on and off whenever they take a screenshot with that they'll never see that your using it.
    Almost all the bans people had using our cheat is because they overused it and where too obvious to not be noticed using it.
    So if you use it play it safe and try to look as legit as possible

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