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    Call of Duty: Black Ops III Hi Everyone

    Ive been looking around for a site like this that updates there mods alot to keep the user safe but i'm just wondering has anyone been banned using any mods? :biggrin:

    Also if i buy 6 months will it renew in 6 months or will i need to make the payment again?
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    Firstly, do take note that even by updating often to & making it undetected doesn't mean it's undetectable. People do get banned depending on their play style using the cheat. Being banned a risk you're agreeing to take on when you cheat.
    As for the payment, it's a one-time payment, purchasing the same subscription while having an existing subscription will simply add-on to it.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Unfortunately, yes. Our black ops 3 cheat has been VAC detected only once when it got released.
    So far it's the only VAC detection we had with black ops 3. It's pretty much undetected from VAC, but as dilzl0 said... It's not undetectable.
    The only thing you should really worry about is TAC (Treyarch Anti-Cheat) It's based on your stats and behavior in game while cheating.
    Every match/game you play is being recorded and can be viewed in theater mode, so playing legit as possible to not get banned is crucial.
    As long as you keep it low and won't do crazy/unreal stuff during your game, you should be safe.
    We have bunch of user based guides and explanations how to avoid being banned by TAC as well as custom configs that will fit your liking.

    If you got any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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