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    Dead By Daylight question

    Hello, i just recently found this cheat provider from searching for dead by daylight cheats and i have to say i am quite excited for this.

    Ok so my question is this. On the thread about the cheat it says Anti-Cheats:- No Anti-Cheat With this being said i was watching the official dead by daylight twitch stream and someone asked the DEV'S if they were going to implement an anti cheat. The DEV responded with "Yes and our programmer is testing a new anti cheat out to tell when people are cheating at all times." I just wanted to know if you guys were aware of this and if it should be something to be worried about?

    Greets -Carson

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    Hello Carson,
    Welcome to SystemCheats

    Honestly, we are not aware of it, but It could be some in-house anti-cheat which is probably easy to bypass but also could be a 3rd party anti-cheat which we will have to bypass.
    Either way.. SystemFiles haven't looked into it yet and the feature page will definitely going to get updated as soon as he'll get more info just by looking at what they have.

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