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    New to PayPal

    Hello, i am noob with paypal and stuff like that so i would like to ask a few questions if that is ok?
    - I got a paypal and i want to buy stuff for ARK.
    Now my question is: What is the difference between packages you offer compared to single game offers?
    I need your help to do the proper steps and buy the stuff you offer for ARK.
    So i need to write in paypal email and password, so what are the next steps?
    And how to make it work after i pay and finish the procedure?

    I would be really really grateful if you could answer me these questions, thank you in advance.

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    Hello UnPadre_Divljak,
    Welcome to SystemCheats.

    The difference between Packages and Single cheats can be found here:
    We sell single cheats as well as 4 different packages.
    Each package has different cheats and of course different prices.
    For example, here is our Free 2 Play Package which include most cheats for free 2 play titles:
    Here is our Full Package which include all of our available cheats:

    If you're not interested in any of our other cheats and ARK is the only one that you want, then you can purchase just ARK: Survival Evolved subscription.

    Here is how it all works:
    1. You go to this page:
    2. Select the desired subscription.
    3. Select the price/time for that subscription
    4. Click Order
    5. Select the one of the payment methods.
      • PayPal - If you have a PayPal account, you can pay using PayPal, this would activate your account instantly. PayPal also offers credit card and prepaid for those who don't have an account.
      • Paymentwall - It has a lot of other options, but sometimes it could take a few hours to get the payment verified.
      • BitCoin - Can be used to pay with any bitcoin wallet. activation should take at least from an hour to 2 hours.

    6. After the payment was successful, you should become customer on the forum.
    7. As soon as you become a customer, you will have access to our software download page as well as to all of our guides.

    In case of an issue with our software, you can contact us about the problem and we'll do our best to help you.
    If we won't be able to fix the issue, we will refund you the money.
    I hope that answer your question.
    Don't hesitate to ask more if you like.


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    As Psychopath said, if you will have any problems, you can visit us on teamspeak, and we will fix the problems for you.

    P.S. Ima ovdje hrvata, tako da nije problem da se sporazumijemo.

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