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    Cool Insurgency & SQUAD

    Hey guys! Just had a few questions about your products, and was hoping you could answer them The questions I have apply to both Insurgency & SQUAD. Firstly, I was wondering about detection rate (last time cheat was detected), are all features up to date and working, and how easy is setup for these programs? I am fairly new to the cheat scene, and would just like a basic understanding of these things before I were to purchase.

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    As far as I know, our Insurgency and Squads cheat has never been detected yet. But keep in mind that it is not undetectable, it might get detected some day, we never know. Any feature that you see on cheat product page should be updated and working. As soon as one feature gets broken after a patch, we are fixing it ASAP. To setup the cheat, it is extremely simple. Once you become a customer, you will have access to the download loader page which explains everything you need to do.
    Also, remember that if you have any questions when you bought a subscription, you can make a thread in customer section and we will help you.

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