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    Question BO3 cheat questions


    I am interested in buying bo3 cheat but i have a few questions about it.

    - TAC3 Screenshot Cleaner - How does this work? i have used 2 really good cheats for a game called AVA. One of the sites screenshot cleaner disabled the visuals for a few milliseconds just before the anti cheat took the screenshot and then the cheat re-enables the visuals. The other site just completely blocked/deleted the screenshots taken when reported ingame. I am wondering what type of screenshot cleaner is in this cheat. If i get reported by a player ingame can treyarch see that the screenshot got deleted? also if i get reported manually (video via forums or support) can the treyarch admins see that the ingame reported screenshots didnt come through to their side?

    - I have used cheats on soo many games and never got banned. I dont aimbot 90% of the time and only used visuals cheats and never played obviously. How safe is it to keep the visuals turned on in this cheat with BO3.

    - I have seen sooo many VAC bans for bo3 and was wondering if any of the subscribers for this cheat site has been banned from bo3. And for what sort of reasons? was it the cheat or was it their play styles?

    - I am new to the steam vac anti cheat. How can i know if steam vac gets updated? is it the updating part i see when i start steam? or can we like not see if vac is getting updated or not? XIGNCODE we can see the updating bar on the bottom left not sure how vac works.

    - I really really love the bone esp (instead of boxes around people, it draws a stick figure as the esp on people.) was wondering if its already in bo3 cheat. If not, will the cheat coder be able to add that? the bone esp is really easy on the eyes when there's a lot of enemies clamped together.

    - Do you guys have a live support chat, teamspeak3 etc? or is the forum the only way to contact an admin for cheat support or a question i have

    - vac bans - do vac bans keep records of mac address? do i need to spoof my mac address for the bo3 cheat?

    - Windows 10 - I am using a windows 10 gaming laptop. Do i need to disable UAC, and DEP stuff? like that bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff lines. In my win 7 comp some cheat sites required me to do that. But since i got my WIn 10 computer, the other cheat sites didnt push us to do that. and the cheats worked fine. Was wondering how the bo3 cheat works with win10.

    Im really interested in this cheat site since it has most of the games i play so i can go for the full package. But i really want to find a bo3 cheat also. so im looking forward to it.

    Thank you for your time
    Kind reagards

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    Hey there,
    TAC3 Screenshot Cleaner actually does the same, disables the cheat for a few milliseconds and re-enabling it. screenshots come up as clean.

    Using visuals only is safe, as long as you know how to play with it.

    It seems like yes, it was VAC detected but we're not 100% sure about it. not everybody got affected. It's hard to tell.

    VAC updates are silent. we can't predict vac detection.

    Skeleton ESP is not our cup of tea, I doubt he'll add it at any point.

    Teamspeak and Forum.

    VAC bans don't track anything.

    You don't need to disable DEP. only UAC but, even tho you're not forced to disable UAC.
    As long as you run our loader and steam as admin, it should work without any problems.

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