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Thread: Csgo esp

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    Csgo esp

    Hello dear,

    I would suggest a feature in the menu where you can do the alpha of the ESP around the players.
    I feel like my eyes are mainly focusing on the players, which makes it a bit obvious at some points.

    It would be great to have a feature where i could adjust the alpha, example. i only want to see 50% of the color, and not 100% like if you customize your own crosshair. (cl_crosshairalpha)


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    I'm pretty sure the alpha is already customizable. Do you see the four colors in the menu?? You see Yellow, Red, Blue, and White? The white line is the alpha line. Put it up 50% and the alpha is 50%.

    Unless this hack doesn't work like all of System's other hacks. I'm at work right now, but I'll take a look later to make sure.

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