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1. No Viruses:
- We don't want any user to upload any kind of virusses. That means no keyloggers, trojans, spyware or any other kind of virus. We don't want to damage peoples computers. Uploading viruses will result in a permanent ban. You have been warned.

2. No Flaming: - We don't want to see people flaming each other. We are a grown up community so will act like grown ups too. Flaming can result into a warning and possibly in a temporary ban.

3. No Scamming:
- Don't try to scam anybody on this forum and asking for somebody's password will result into a permanent ban on our website. This also counts for scamming in our buy, sell and trade section. Scamming of any kind will result in a ban. Again you have been warned.

4. No Spamming:
- Please don't spam our forums, shoutbox or private message system. There is no need for spamming and this will also result into a ban. Spamming is annoying and we like to keep our forum organized.

5. No Bumping:
- We don't want people to bump old threads or bump there own posts if there was no response. Again we want to keep our forum organized.

6. No Double Posting:
- Double posting also isn't allowed. There is no need for it so we don't want to see it either.

7. Respect Staff Members:
- We, the staff members, are always doing our hardest best for our visitors. Please don't disrespect us, this makes it harder for us to do our job.

8. No Advertisements:
- We know that you might own a website or work for another website. We ask you to not to excessively advertise your site all over our forum. Right now it is ok to add a link to your site in your signature, but if there are problems with this in the future, we will then remove this privilege. Please do not abuse this.

9. No Leeching:
- We do not allow our members to leech any material we provide. Using our work will result in a permanent ban. Before using our material please ask for premission from an administrator first.

10. No Begging: - Don't beg for free cheats or subscriptions.

11. No Asking When: - Don't ask on the forums or shoutbox when the cheats are going to update after we stated that there is no ETA (ETA means: Estimated Time of Arrival). This includes saying that our cheats are detected when their actual status is 'Detected'.

Some explanation on our warning and infraction system.

A warning will have no consequences and gives you the possibility to read the rules again and change your actions.

Infractions are divided into various reasons, the most common of them are:
  • Spammed Advertisements - 1 Infraction Point
  • Insulted Other Member(s) - 1 Infraction Point
  • Inappropriate Language - 1 Infraction Point
  • Double Posting - 1 Infraction Point
  • Signature Rule Violation - 1 Infraction Points

The points will expire after 30 days, but the infraction itself remains. In case you think your actions will have no consequences, here's the list of punishments:
  • 3 active infraction points will result in 3 days of ban from the forums and our Loader.
  • 6 total infractions will result in 7 days of ban from the forums and our Loader.
  • 10 total infractions will result in a 1 year ban from the forums and our Loader.