First let me start off and say I am not a tech savvy person at all. In fact I received my first gaming pc this year 2017 and before this I would rarely even use a pc.
With that said I downloaded this very easily and the instructions were very detailed and easy to follow.
The hack itself worked wonderfully. I am an already above average FPS player albeit on console with a controller on my hands. My KD in BF games is above 2 with out being a try hard. The days I actually try hard I can easily achieve 3 KD and up. Needless to say mouse and keyboard is alot different yet very satisfying.
With the hack you become a God. In order to make it more realistic id let the enemy team kill me several times and played slowly to not give away anything. The hack is very customizable to make it even less detectable by the naked eye. All in all I am happy I purchased this one day trial and today I reupped to the full 6 month package.
If any one reading this is on the fence about the purchase go for it. I’m actually having fun playing these games again and that’s coming from a guy who is actually good at these games.